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Wetting Agent

Wetting agent

Still one of the main ingredients of potting soil is peat. The peat is harvested from the bog when it is dry enough. The humidity is important for transport and storage for a longer time.

Especially for the lighter white peat we know that the peat is hydrofoob, this means that – when the peat is really dried out – it is very difficult to rewet. This can cause big problems at the end user (the grower) because the plant needs water.

To solve this problem, there are wetting agents which reduces the surface tension so that water can “go in” easier. There are many types and qualities.

The most important points are:

  1. How fast does it work ?
  2. How long does it work ?
  3. Can it be washed out ?
  4. Does it change the characteristics of the potting soil ?
  5. Is it disturbing the growth of the plant ?

This is just a brief note.

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An impression of a wetting agent you can find on my old movie on Youtube (in German) below):