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The pH of a substrate is very important for the plant.

Depending on the variety, the preferred pH is between 4,5 and 6,5.

Especially for the availability of trace elements, we have to be sure to have the right pH.

Because peat (main ingredient for potting soil) has a lower pH we have to raise the pH from e.g. 4,5 to 5,8.

For that we use (Dolomite) lime which is CaCO3 and MgO.

To explain in a simple way: the CO3will find 2 H+ ions and together they will be H2CO3 which later can separate as H2O and CO2.


Before deciding for a lime, you have to be aware of the pureness and the “acid binding value” so that you know exactly how much you have to add for the right pH.



This is just a brief note.

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Lime Quarry
Lime quarry
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