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Training of your productionteam

Your products have to be uniform and safe with every batch. That’s what your customer needs.
Therefore the quality and uniformity of your raw materials are important to control. We help you to judge the quality of your raw materials.
Another item is the volume…how to measure in a way that you and your customer are both OK.
Because potting soil is usually a mix with (expensive) raw materials and it is important to mix properly with as less damage as possible.
Also there is the control of the end product: is the structure as expected? is the EC ok? is the pH as demanded? etc.
To be sure you did a good job, a good sample is necessary as is the storage of the counter samples after production.

These are just some items which are very important in the production. We are ready to help you to work this out for your situation.
Training productionteam
Training productionteam
Training productionteam