Base materials

In the professional horticulture, the top priority is safety. To produce a safe substrate, we need safe raw materials.
It is for that reason that the information of your base materials should be clear:

  • Is the material uniform?
  • What is the chemical analysis?
  • What is the physical analysis?
  • Are there weeds in your raw material?
  • Is the material stable or does it break down easy?
  • What is the availability?
  • How proper is the production site?


Production of potting soil mixes

In the professional horticulture, the customer/grower is asking for an ideal substrate….

  • Good physical characteristics, roots need water, air and fertilizer, the substrate is essential;
  • Good drainage, if the substrate does not drain, the result will be a lack of air and finally suffering plants;
  • Good chemical characteristics, for the production of good quality, all elements should be available in the right relation;
  • A stable substrate, to be sure that no surprises occur after some months;
  • A uniform product, so that every culture can be the same and the grower does not have to change his way of irrigation etc.

To produce a safe substrate, you will need good raw materials and also you will need to know all characteristics of your raw materials.



In the professional horticulture, the grower is asking for an ideal substrate for his or her situation.
We know that different situations can very, depending on:

  • The culture;
  • The pot size;
  • The irrigation system;
  • The equipment.

Therefore we recommend you learn to understand what is the ideal substrate for YOU to achieve the highest possible yield with the highest possible quality.



The world is huge and so is the experience in substrates for horticulture.
Nevertheless there seem to be many barriers in communication (because of language or other reasons, maybe you are new in the branch).
ISC has been in the substrate branch for over 25 years and can help you to come into contact with producers of raw materials, producers of machinery, producers of substrates, producers of plants, producers of fertilizers, etc. The right contacts can help your company to grow in a better and also faster way.
If you have any questions feel free to send an e-mail.