Interview with Mr Duong and Mrs Tam of Langbiang Farms in Dalat, Vietnam

We understand that Langbiang Farms started up a potting soil production, why ?
We are growers ourselves and we noticed that potting soil is very important for a good start of the culture.
Like many growers we always bought some materials in the area and mixed it with a small mill. But we also realised these potting soils are much lower in quality than the potting soils we saw in Europe.
Therefore we decided to build a factory which is specialised in the production of good and reliable mixes.

Did you do this all by yourself ?
No, we found a consultancy company in Holland which is specialized in substrates: I.S.C. (Independent Substrates Consulting) and they helped us to make it a real professional production.

What is the added value of I.S.C. for your company ?
First of all the director (Mr. Fer Weerheijm) knows all about raw materials as he has over 25 years of experience in this (peatmoss, bark, clay, etc etc) and therefore we could improve our raw materials very fast.
Thereby Mr Fer has a lot of experience in the production of potting soils and he is a very practical man so he could help us to find the best logistic way of working in our company.

Do you think I.S.C can support you more in the future ?
Yes, we think so.
First of all Mr Fer has much experience in the use of substrates in the cultures and so he can help us to make the best mixes for our customers.
Besides his advice for substrates, he can advise the growers if they have questions about fertilizing etc.
With I.S.C. we are happy to have a real professional to help us and our customers.

What is special about Langbiang farms ?
Langbiang Farms is the first pottingsoil producer in Vietnam and we think that we can help our customers with good and reliable substrates.