Is my material good to use in substrates?

ISC can help you to make a scan of your material to find out whether your material is ready to use, if there is a market for it and ISC can also help you when adjustments have to be implemented.


How can I produce the perfect substrate for my customers?

ISC can help you to make the best possible substrate for your customer.
Not only by advising on raw materials and fertilizers but also with the right equipment to produce.


What is the best substrate for me and my plants?

We know that every situation can be different. Therefore it is good to learn to understand what the ideal substrate is for YOU to achieve the highest possible yield with the highest possible quality.


Where do I find people with experience? Or do I have to reinvent the wheel myself?

We can help you come into contact with producers of raw materials, producers of machinery, producers of substrates, producers of plants, producers of fertilizers, etc.

If you have any questions feel free to send an e-mail.