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Is all coco the same?

In the professional horticulture, coco seems to become more important as a substrate, every year. Nevertheless experiences are not always positive and therefore we focus on 2 important characteristics of coco: the physical aspects and the chemical aspects. Because there are big differences in these two aspects, that vary between suppliers. The physical characteristic
 Coco pith […]

With image analyse, you can judge the quality of substrates fast and objective

The research of the quality of substrates is more-and-more fine-tuned. Wageningen University improves visual research with image analyse and Fer Weerheijm (Independent Substrate Consulting) provided the equipment for that. According Chris Blok (researcher Wur) this will save a lot of time and energy and finally deliver better and more precise results.   The equipment for […]

Substrate analysis best choice for coir

In the protected cultivation of ornamental crops, the use of artificial substrates continues to grow worldwide1. Each growing media has its own specific characteristics. Production protocols therefore vary according to the substrate used. Among the preferred materials are rockwool and coir – two substrates that illustrate perfectly the need for a different management approach, especially […]