ISC was founded in 2005 by Fer Weerheijm. Fer has over 25 years of experience in substrates and had the opportunity to experience many aspects that are important for the production of substrates. During that time, he was sales manager for one of the biggest potting soil companies in Holland, responsible for the purchase of raw materials as well as the production of potting soils, manager of a peat bog in Sweden, consultant for growers (advise for fertilizing, substrates, etc.), consultant for a Wetting Agent producer, advisor for an insurance company, technical consultant for a merger, director of a very well-known Dutch Coco-producer and consultant for companies in e.g. China, Vietnam, Africa, Baltic States. Either to help when problems occurred or to help the customer with the build of a production site. Most of the activitementioned activities mentioned above are still ongoing and we notice that the demand for practical information is big and growing. We dare to say that ISC knows the products thoroughly and is therefore capable to serve the customer with an independent, objective and well-considered advise.

ISC will be a big help if production sites have to be improved or started up entirely.

If you have any questions feel free to send an e-mail.